December 26, 2011

Noodlemania Soup

Did you know there is a Fun Activity on the inside label of every can of Earth's Best
Organic Elmo Noodlemania Soup? Don't feel bad, I didn't know it either. Maybe the
label is new or something.

So, my wife has taken the kids to The Monterey Aquarium today. It was tempting to
go, but I figured I'd do everyone a favor and take a day off. You know, rest up so that
I'll be able to come through in the clutch as usual--ready to swoop in at a moments
notice and rescue Sophie from a flying four year old karate chop or also be mentally
prepared to do battle with Sophie when she doesn't want to go to sleep
(Remember to insert amazing bedtime success story here).

Okay, my point with the soup label--besides choosing between my son's nutritional
welfare and my personal need for something quick and easy for lunch--is that with all
of the technology these days who's kids actually do
Fun Activities on the insides of  
soup labels anymore?

No, I don't remember completing many soup label activities in my childhood days.
However, I do remember finding out that the writing surface on the inside of the label
wasn't optimal for even a well sharpened crayon. Perhaps they've addressed this

But seriously, I really want to make sure my kids don't end up like zombies staring at
a screen all day. Some of my closest friends and relatives, whom I love dearly do just
this. Me? Hey, I'm sometimes guilty myself. Its occasionally tough to get away from
The Screen.

So, technology and kids, technology and parenting...Shhhh, secretly I was almost as
proud of Sophie's C in technology as I was in her A's in reading and writing. Of course
they don't call them A, B, and C anymore. Approaching, Satisfactory, Outstanding: its
not like back in my day when you came home with a D or a D- in Algebra. Way back
then you could get yourself in a whole lot worse trouble than losing your I- Phone
Platinum Turbo GT for one week!

Our friend who is a pediatrician is visiting us over Christmas. She recently told me a
story about a two year old who--during an examination--touched the memory cards
instead of turning them over with his hands. She finally realized that he was 'pushing'
the cards. The little boy thought that real cards would turn over magically like the
digital cards on an I Pad!

I'm proud that Sophie got us invited to her art teacher's Christmas Eve party a few
days ago. There was no TV or screen of any kind running during the party. Sure, we
didn't really know anyone and our kids were the only kids there under twelve or so.
But--Yes!--I thought they behaved pretty good and the food was amazing. I even
talked to a few other adults who didn't flinch at my career history.

However, the kids got a brand new Wii for Christmas and it might prove to be a tough
opponent. I'm hoping to use it's power for good.

30 minutes of Wii if you read this book.

30 minutes if you go with me for a run.

 Now is time to turn it off for today. And if you whine then
no Wii tomorrow.

 Stay Home Daddy vs Wii

What do you think my Vegas odds are of victory? Seven years in the ring, you think I
can still get my shot at the title? I guess I better keep this short and go start my fight
training right now.

PS. The noodlemania soup has already been returned to the pantry. I forgot that we
still had Christmas dinner leftovers in the fridge (ka-chow!).

Best wishes in 2012 to all of you ten, or maybe twelve die hard
readers. That's almost enough for a party!