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"What better opportunity is there to help shape and promote continuous growth of one of the preeminent engineering organizations in the world than to be here, roll up our sleeves, and do some good work?"
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Engineering Stories

Unconventional Engineering - Latest Episode

Episode 12 - It's Not Magic, It's Science with Jay Flores

Instilling a passion for STEM in the youth is essential to ensuring a constant pipeline of talent that will help solve the world’s problems. In this episode, Tom and co-host Karen Russo caught up with STEM Ambassador Jay Flores about his engineering journey and the exciting things he’s involved in. Jay has taken up the mantle of helping to inspire young minds to keep doing cool things in STEM. More Episodes


Engineering Influencers


Kaemen the Creator
Kaemen Lafleur is an innovative engineer and social media influencer whose imagination runs wild with the projects he builds. From exoskeletons to flamethrowers, Kaemen is pushing the boundaries of what's possible with mechanical engineering.

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