That Guy

Ouch! A little four year old boy took a nasty spill off of the couch. He'd been
warned several times not to balance himself on top of the armrest.

"Hey buddy. That's what you get," his dad almost said.

Instead he dropped the dishes back into the sink, dried his hands on his jeans,
and reached on top of the fridge for the emergency medical supply kit.

"Don't worry little guy," he gave his son a big hug. "I've got some medicine for
you right here. It's the kind that makes everything better. Okay?" He shook the
bright red bag, "Do you think one of these might make you feel better."

The little patient nodded his head in an affirmative.

Red, Green, Yellow, and Green; he slid four Skittles into his hand, "So which
color do you think will work the best?"

The patient sniffled, "All of dem."

"He can talk!" The injury wasn't as severe as it had seemed. "So, you think
these will work?"

The little guy smiled. Hope had been restored to his eyes. He was going to
pull through. His cheeks were still damp, but no more tears were falling.

The Skittles were returned to their not so secret place above the refrigerator.
The dad had done his job well but he knew he couldn't do it the same way all
the time. There was practicality, parental responsibility, fears of spoiling, and
crappy moods to consider. It was a shame. He wished he could always be
That Guy.

The True Story of How I
Caught my First Bull Shark.

                   Lukas Slusher

Its was sandy like a sandstorm at the beach. There was
sand flowing everywhere. And that’s all I want to say about the weather. My
papa and my sister were making a dam while I found this broken up bridge.
And then I saw a carp go by and then I found an old fishing pole. Then I found
a bobber and then I found this old rope. So I found a hook and I put it on. Then
I put the bobber on the rope and then I saw a carp by. I put the bait on the
hook and reeled it out. And then the carp got it. And then I reeled it in. And then
I saw a Bull Shark go by. And then I found a kayak boat and I went out into it
and found this old life jacket. And then I picked up the fishing pole and the
bobber. And then I waited until the bull shark got up and then I got the string
and then the shark got it. And then I saw nothing go by. And then a goldfish.
Then I caught a horn shark. Then a whale shark. Then another bull shark and
then a basking shark. Then a woebegone shark and then a penguin. And then a
bull shark. I caught three bull sharks. I put some stuff on land. I caught a
vulture. I released the vulture first and then I released everything. I let the
sharks first and then the goldfish and then all the fishes. I found out someone
else was going to go fishing there so I left my pole and bobber. My name is