An American Stay
Home Daddy in Paris
We were here!
I had been staying home with the kids for
three years when my wife received the
opportunity to work in Paris. I imagined
myself spending my days behind the
stroller, taking in the sights, while
roaming through the City of Light. It was
going to be like a vacation...
Stay Home Daddy
Book News:
January 31, 2012

I haven't worked on the book in a
while, but look for my stay home
daddy short story, "Showdown
at l'aires de jeux" in
Pure Slush
on February 18. It stars Lukas at
eighteen months and a high
heeled French woman on a

Here is a link to the excerpts that
were published  in
Paper Darts

Pa Possible!       Mais Oui!
C'est toujours bonne! Mais
français du papa est toujours
Play Date
Jonathan Slusher

KQED Radio
Nov. 17, 2011

Excerpts from An American Stay
Home Daddy in Paris