Meet the Girls
Rose : Rose loves cup cakes thats
why she named Sprinkles Sprinkles
.But why not cup cake ? Heres
why: The first time they made cup
cakes together the little fox spilled
sprinkles every where !!!!
Sprinkles:The letters l p s on
Sprinkles necklace stand for
"Lovelyist Pet Sprinkles".
Ivy: Ivy loves ivy ( the
plant kind ),one time she
grew an ivy vine and it was
huge!!!Stripes: Stripes got
her name like this: the day
Ivy adopted her Ivy was
wearing a stripy dress and
Stripes was striped!! Ivy
always wears her stripy
dress now.
Fleur: "Fleur'' in
french means flower and
she loves
Poodle: ''Why does the
poodle wear
goggles?''many people
ask that its because
when Fleur waters
flowers poodle always
some how gets