December 1, 2011

 From Where I'm Writing

I've been doing this stay at home daddy gig for over seven years now. Can
you believe it? Keep it on the down low, knock on wood, cross your fingers,
and touch something metal, because--believe it or friggin' not--I'm starting to
feel like I might just be getting the hang of it! At least a little bit anyway, that is.

Don't get me wrong. I'll never be one of those natural born parents who can
discipline their children without ever raising a voice. What I've finally come to
realize though is that even well behaved kids still behave badly sometimes.
ach du meine Gute!-- their Mom's behave badly sometimes too! What
helped lead me to this amazing discovery is that--after a year and a half in our
new hometown nestled quietly south of San Francisco--I've actually made a few
really good mom friends. I talking
real friends. You know, the kind of friends
who tell you their bad stuff, which is often the good stuff. At least the stuff that
you sometimes really need to hear. Not to sound like a misery loves company
kind of a guy, but knowing that the people who you respect often share the
same frustrations as yourself can be extremely therapeutic.

Now hold on to something tied down tight for this baby: throwing the
occasional ranting fit, swear word, or even tossing a small--fits nicely in your
hand yet is responsibly soft--object at a wall or other inanimate object is not
just a crazy stay at home Dad thing after all! Believe it or not nice, quiet moms
have occasionally done this too! Even some of the moms with the amazingly
good and respectful to adults children have--shhh, don't worry I won't tell-- done
things like this!
Where I worried that I was perhaps failing, I'm actually doing okay in the
category of spazzing out. Sure, I know I've got a lot of other areas to work on,
for instance; how to get Lukas prepared for Kindergarten by next September.
With a July birthday, he might just get there, but there's still work to be done,
especially with listening (the first time buddy, not the third or fourth!).

The tough thing is that as a parent I want to have some fun too. And of course I
want the kids to have fun. For me to be happy they have to be happy and vice
versa. It sounds so simple, but it is surprisingly complicated.

Happy, confident, yet reasonably well behaved children--that's still my number
one goal, motto, theme song, and prayer. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I'm
there or close to it yet. Probably, I never will be. But making a few mommy
friends sure has helped.

Whoop Whoop. Hey girls, who's up for Zumba tomorrow AM? Friday night,
anyone want to do Skinny Girl Margaritas and that new chick flick at my place?
I'll get that E-Vite out just after I finish folding the laundry and putting away the

Hey you, stop laughing dammit, I'm also fixing the gate today (power tools,
rargghghhh!!!) and cutting the grass. Not to brag, but I
was voted a Killingworth,
Connecticut 2nd team weed whacker all star in 2007.