Happy Birthday Charlie Bit Me!

I've only watched Charlie bite his brother once or twice. And its interesting that we
never even learn the brother's name as he is the true British accented super star of
the famous video. It has topped 436 million YouTube views with more to come after
celebrating its five year anniversary yesterday.

So, Charlie bites his brother's finger, the brother cries, then they all end up laughing
about it. Don't forget the naughty tone in Charlie's giggle at the very end.

I'm a lukewarm YouTube fan, for me it's just the occasional blooper video, treadmill
accident, angry dad shooting his daughter's laptap, or giant Tube Worms at the
bottom of the ocean. The latter which has recently led to many a nice scientific
discovery with the kids. Giant Chinese Salamanders, who knew?

Now that you think I'm covering up for a hidden YouTube fetish let us direct the power
of that image away from the dark side and towards something optimistic,
heartwarming, and make your day uplifting.

you need to do now--once you're in the proper mind set--is to imagine yourself
as Charlie's mom posting the video of your son biting his brother on YouTube. What
bravado she has! Internet trolls, bitter ex friends, grouchy educators, and child
psychologists be damned! She uploads a video that could make her instantly infamous.

She just sat there and video recorded her son biting her other son? And they all
laughed about it? What sort of lesson is this for young Charlie? Someone should call
child custody on that mom!

Maybe some of these comments actually appeared, but there's just not enough time
to do the proper research right now. I told the kids two Scooby Doo episodes and the
second mystery is getting close to wrapping up. I have to keep moving...

I suppose perhaps that Charlie's mom could have been new to YouTube and too naive
to even worry about what might happen when she decided to go public. On the other
hand maybe she channeled some super genius future predicting clairvoyance and
knew that the video could be a big hit. But could she have ever guessed that it would
rake in half a million dollars?

I'd like to believe that Charlie's mom is a no nonsense--if you don't like my parenting
technique go bugger off--type of mom. She's a good parent, but tough. She cares
what others think, but she also doesn't let this feeling dictate how she wants to raise
her kids.

Zoinks! Scooby Doo is all finished. Two episodes was the deal. I'll just quickly write a
little reminder, to remember what I was thinking and then I'll come back and finish this
up later someday. Don't forget that it would be good to add in a link to Charlie Bit Me,
a treadmill accident or two, Giant Tube Worms, etc.

I also have to remember not to forget the whole point:

Charlie's Mom took a risk.
The trolls and haters were silenced.
It paid off big.
Good for Charlie's Mom!
Good for Charlie and his big bro.
Nice job everyone.